Custom Solutions

When you want your brand to create signature taste experiences for your customers, trust the Karlsburger team to deliver a custom recipe or flavor profile that stands out and sells. Our custom offerings include bases, stocks, broths, gravies, sauces, seasonings and blends. We collaborate with leading brands to develop custom products for a variety of strategic reasons. After finalizing your formula, we’ll quickly scale it up to ensure it delivers the right attributes at your desired volume level. You’ll be going to market in weeks, not months! What are your goals? Let us show you how to:

Achieve premier flavor

From richer, heartier soups and sauces to spice blends with an incomparable kick, we’ll elevate your brand’s culinary reputation.

Get healthier

We’ve mastered the art of removing sodium and fats while still hitting targets for taste, texture and mouth feel.

Clean it up

The clean-label movement is here to stay; choose Karlsburger to help you formulate a satisfying product with a simpler ingredient deck.

Take costs out

We’re experts at finding more cost-effective formulas while matching existing taste, texture and color profiles.

Small quantities don’t scare us

When we say “custom solutions,” that applies to quantities as well as recipes. Many of our customers seek smaller runs for test marketing purposes or foodservice LTOs. We’re not too big to go small.
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Your partner for profitable private label

Looking to launch products under your own brand? We’ll help you go to market with quality and confidence – inside the package and out. Turn to us for:

Quality Products

Soup bases, liquid stocks, sauces, gravies and spice blends, created from our special recipes or formulated just for you.


We’ll source packaging that works with your shipping demands and provides the size, fit and function to win in your market space, whether it’s in a soup aisle, restaurant, meat market, or wholesale.


We offer graphic design and production services for crafting a label that helps your product stand out.

Let’s collaborate and innovate!

Contact us for a free custom product consultation.
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